Promotional Apparel – A Great Advertisement Idea

Of the many items that your company might select to send out to promote your business, none go over better than promotional apparel. There is a plethora of choices when it comes to emblazoning your company’s name and logo onto apparel that can be worn as walking billboards for your company. The reason that this type of promotional item is so effective is that people can actually use the item, unlike other items that might make it as far as the recipient’s trash can.

Common Apparel Given as Promos

The most common items of apparel that are given as freebies or promos include:

– jackets
– tee shirts
– sweat shirts
– hats
– windbreakers
– scarves or doo-rags
– shorts
– sweat pants

Many companies that provide branded good for you to distribute to potential customers and clients will offer these items or others, and some will offer a mixed set of several of each item. You can choose to have your logo, slogans, company information and other contact information placed on the item. When the recipient wears the item, they will be promoting your business to everyone that they talk to or pass on the street. Talk about some well-spent advertising dollars! Promotional items are also great for distributing to your employees and employees’ families, too – because they motivate the employee and make them feel like they are a part of the “team”. Most promotional items are relatively inexpensive as compared to the function that they serve, and in terms of promotional apparel, the item is well-received – unlike a pen or a stress ball that you might hand out, the person will likely wear the item – which is what you want.

Choosing Your Promo Items

When choosing your promotional item, be sure to keep in mind the colors that are implemented into your business and relate those colors in the item. You should also avoid overcrowding the item with information; after all, you want it to be attractive enough that the recipient will wear the item. You should order a range of sizes, as well, including some that are plus sizes for larger folks. In general, the most popular size for women is medium, while men prefer a bit more room, such as a large size or even extra-large. But also buy some items that are in between those two, although you’ll have less need for small sizes or really big sizes – but you should have a few promotional apparel items of each available.

Marketing Your Business Using Promotional Apparel

Among the number of available promotional commodities in the market, nothing comes close to being as potent and as useful as promotional apparel. An article that never runs out of style of fashion, customized apparel can be capitalized in any event, by any event at any season.

Promotional apparels come in varied materials, colors and sizes to suit any marketing opportunity. It is only a matter of electing the befitting type that will be proper for your theme.

T-Shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops do perfect in school organizations and other functions as a uniform, for fundraisers or to progress an endeavor or cause. With comfort taken into account, these groups of apparel are youth-friendly and would be perfect for any academy’s celebrations and other outdoor activities. Polo and dress shirts on the other hand, do well as uniforms in the office as they comfortably deck up a certain clothing.

If delivered as giveaway in the office or at club, fleece or leather vests and jackets are two hot commodities that can be delivered out at any season. These articles and their generous silk screen areas not only cast out an upscale feel but they can also give comfort and advance your recipients’ morale.

Team gears and long-sleeved shirts probably do well in sporting celebrations because they unify the team and its fans by wearing matching clothing, giving every individual a “sense of belonging” throughout games and rallies while wind breakers, cardigans and scarves make perfect partners during autumn’s crisp morning or chilly winter days.

For any occasion or game, customized apparels are great revealing mediums. Not only are they one of everyone’s vital needs, promotional apparels also make your market your brand’s “walking billboard”-a feat that’s distressing to surpass by any other marketing materials. Be it shirts, polos, jackets, vests, etc., your logo silk screened on promotional apparel guarantees your brand of visibility that will carry through for years-an investment that’s sure worth keeping in mind.

Promotional Apparel – Get Your Customers Wearing Your Brand!

Let us imagine that you are attending an event which is promoting a certain type of business and you suddenly read a large banner that says…”Free T-shirts!” What do you think would happen? It is natural that everyone will be drawn to this place to look into this possibility of getting a free t-shirt. This is the secret of Promotional Apparel.

Believe it or not, there are large numbers of people who simply visit these events only to collect clothing freebies. They will go to any extent to collect one, before it is all over. There are chances that this person may not be a potential customer, but without any doubt he/she is definitely going to wear this piece of clothing, eventually turning out to be a good promoter of your brand. Each time this clothing is worn and this person walks around public places, your brand, logo and company name will be on display and seen by potential customers. This is the success of achieving your objective of creating sales through promotional merchandising.

The most common type of Promotional Apparel are:

o Caps

o Hats

o Wrist bands

o T-shirts

o Shirts

o Jackets

o Sweat shirts

o Sports wear and so on…

Certain types of clothing can cost more than others. The more expensive items can be distributed amongst smaller and more affluent business people who can be your potential customers in the future.

Promotional gifts such as these need not be distributed only among potential buyers; they can also be given to existing customers as well as your own employees. This will help build a better workplace morale and give a boost to the existing relationships.

It is a well known fact that people like free promotional products, especially Promotional Apparel. Immaterial of what print or promotion it carries, people are happy to have them. Thus you, as an owner of a business company, should be able to make best use of this promotional opportunity, with a determination of making your marketing campaign a success.

Before you set foot into your marketing campaign, make a plan and have a clear goal of what you want your campaign to achieve. Decide whether your promotional product will belong to one of these categories:

o A gift

o Reward of Loyalty

o A Gesture of Goodwill

o A vehicle to communicate a message/slogan

o A walking billboard

o A source of information

Promotional Apparel can be used effectively in any one of the above categories.

In your plan also decide who will be your target group. Are they going to be potentially new customers, or are they existing customers? Are you planning to impress the recipient in such a way so that they will always have your brand first in mind when they plan to purchase next? Or is your item directed to your regular customer base? It is important that you give serious thought to these questions during the planning stage – as each situation will have a different strategy to follow.

Thereafter you also need to give some thought to the type of design you intend on printing – it could be a strong slogan type message, or a simple conversation starter or whether it is only to show your logo.

Once all these are given careful thought and you have come up with a good plan for your Promotional Apparel, you can be assured of a successful marketing campaign.

Promotional Products – Effectively Neat Apparel

The world of promotional products is sincerely rich. Many people are familiar with promotional items as they have received them from time to time. People get these items in the mail as thank you gifts after a purchase. Some people are offered promotional products for simply going to the store. Still others are simply sent them as part of an advertising campaign. Whenever someone receives one of these items, they are more apt to think of the business in the future, especially if the promotional product is something that can be used often.

Apparel is one of the best forms of promotional product available and one that is most likely to be used and used often. Almost everyone enjoys having a nice button down shirt, extra t-shirt, baseball cap or visor. Savvy business owners are aware of this and involve few marketing dollars on creating custom apparel with their logo and business name on them.

When these items are received by the customer, it will surely be appreciated. For an existing customer, this means they will be more likely to return to the business in the future as needed. It also means they are more likely to refer your business to friends and family, essentially marketing for you.

Promotional apparel products serve an added purpose as well, though. Think of how many people someone encounters throughout the course of a day. Each of these people was exposed to the name and logo of your business. Everyone who sees the shirt or hat got exposure to your brand name. Therefore, you got additional exposure simply by thanking a customer by giving them an article of clothing to wear. There are few other advertising means that will garner such exposure at such a low cost.

Apparel used as a promotional product is also useful as an incentive to salespeople internally. Everyone likes to know that their efforts are appreciated. Even small rewards help sales people to be more motivated to sell. Using promotional products as incentives in contests and as rewards for increased sales is a great way to get your staff to work harder for you. Having a weekly or monthly contest where the leading sales person gets a free shirt or baseball cap is great incentive. Making the apparel unique so as to set leading sales people apart also makes the incentive more special. It gives the person who wears it a sense of accomplishment which makes them try even harder to succeed. When your staff has such a sense of loyalty, this means you will have more sales and more profit for you.

Tips on Using Customized Apparel As Campaign Souvenirs

If there’s one class of promotional item that would be a definite hit, that would be embroidered apparel. Everyone needs to wear clothes to protect themselves from the heat or cold, that’s why promotional apparel would be a sure sell out! You would be able to give them to a wide range of audience and would fit everyone. What’s awesome about them is that they have ample printing space for your business name and logo.

A lot of companies and businesses have tried to use promotional apparel for their exposing campaign. They accord them out to potential customers as trade show handouts. Aside from this, some companies even use them as rewards for their staff members that have shown excellence in their work. They are proven to be effective motivating tools that eventually pave the way for increased productivity.

The good news with custom logoed apparel is that they have even more advantages. Do you want to figure out more? Here are some of their other benefits: Stylish Colors and Styles – You’ll be satisfied to find out that clothes and other classes of apparel are available in a wide array of designs that will definitely fit your business name and logo. You can fit them with any classification of theme you have, as well. Long-lasting – You can be certified of a long term use for these commodities because they are made to last for a long time. Apparel types like T-shirts, pants, and shorts are all made from durable materials that will not wear out immediately.

Are you now impressed with the flexibility of this stuff? If you are, we advise that you take a shot at them for yourself. Here are some pointers that will hopefully guide you in the task of choosing the optimal promotional apparel: Opt For Quality Not Quantity – While it is very tempting to buy more products for a greater chances of being on sale price, they might not always display the best quality. Consider quality above all else.

Consider Your Theme – There are many types of apparel you can select from. It is a must for you to be careful when adopting goods. Consider the theme of your corporate logoed campaign always.

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Custom Screen Printing for Promotional Apparel

There are several establishments that promote themselves via printed apparel. This can be in the form of T-shirts, caps, etc. One of the first things to consider when you plan to have commercial screen printing done for promotional apparel, is what you are trying to promote. This should be crystal clear and should translate as well in the design you choose.

If you are any good with graphics, then you can sit down and design the entire thing yourself. If you are unsure of how to go about it, then heading to a professional’s studio would be a good idea. If you are doing the designing on your own, then you can select some free online software that allows you a template of sorts. This will ease the process of designing your promotion.

If you are doing this for the first time it would be a good idea to partner up with your promotional product supplier. Once you are done with the design, it is time to head to the screen printers. Give them the design and ask for a proof so that you know exactly what is going to come on your apparel. This is also the time you can spot anything that may not look good or anything. It may also give you inspiration for some worthwhile changes.

Knowing your demographics will also help in the design aspect. If you are targeting a youngster crowd, then you will need to have your design in sync with their sentiments. The same goes with an older crowd. Color schemes, designs etc play a very important role in how promotional apparel is perceived.

Some of the factors that will help bring down your pricing – the number of items you want printed. The more you require, the cheaper it gets. Also you need to look at the season in which you are going to release your promotional apparel. No point in bringing out a polo neck in summer. Promotional apparel that is made of comfortable material is also something that is picked up and retained in one’s wardrobe.

Marketing Promotional Products

There has been a lot of hue and cry lately on promotional product marketing. Many companies have been resorting to this marketing strategy to boost sales and to create brand awareness. This is bringing the costs of advertising campaigns significantly down. But, what makes gifting promotional products a better option than print or TV advertisement?

Strengths of Promotional Products
The reason why promotional gifting has become the order of the day lies in its strengths –

Targetability: As compared to other advertising alternatives, promotional products work well when the target audience is specifically defined. In traditional mass media (television advertising, newspapers, magazines, etc.), the target audience is not specific. But this is not so for promotional product marketing and that is why promotional products are able to generate early responses than other advertising alternatives. Take for instance if one wants to market hair oil for bald men. Distributing hair oil as gifts at trade shows and other events will attract bald men. One can note down their contact details or ask them to fill a form for gathering their contact information. In this way target specific database for that locality is ready. Similar exercises in other localities can help collecting important data significantly. Achieving the same objective via a print ad would have been quite difficult.

Greater Impact: Promotional products make a greater impact on the minds of the customers. Unlike TV advertisements that skip from the mind in a while, a promotional product stays with the customer for a longer time. They are viewed time and again, are talked about and also carried to places. Take for instance promotional apparel. People sporting promotional apparel will carry the company’s name to all places where they go to. Thus, promotional product is unbeatable when compared to other advertising methods in terms of impact.

Flexibility: Another major advantage of using a promotional product is its flexibility. They can be used at several opportunities whether it is a felicitation ceremony, a trade show, a product launch or a sales meeting. Not only that they can be distributed on a number of occasions, they can be gifted to number of people like employees, customers, clients, etc.

Easy Customization: Whatever be the occasion or whosoever the recipient be, promotional products can be customized easily. There are companies that are solely engaged in manufacturing promotional products. One can contact such companies and can customize their promotional products as per their wish. For example, if you have selected promotional apparels, then you can select color, fabric, design, etc, as per your choice. For other occasions, you can change the color or the item completely.

This is not all. Using promotional products turns out to be an economical affair when compared to its benefits and other traditional advertising methods.

Promotional Clothing – How Apparel Can Speak For Your Business

Are you looking for a new, creative way to advertise your business? Are you bored with the same old business cards, magnets, flyers, etc? If so, you should try advertising with clothing. Apparel is one of the best ways to advertise, since people are always wearing T-shirts, polos, jackets and hats.

The idea of promotional clothing has been around since the beginning of the 1900’s, but it really became popular in the 1950’s. It was during this time that it became common for people to wear t-shirts with logos and even subliminal messages printed on them. Until the 1970’s, company t-shirts were usually handed out as an advertisement method – however once the 70’s hit, people were also willing to pay for clothing printed with company logos.

Today, it is common for companies to use clothing as a free promotional item and as a way to make a profit. For example, people will pay $30 for a shirt that has the name of the clothing company printed on it. This not only generates quite a profit for the company, but it is also great advertisement and branding technique. If other people want to buy the same shirt, they do not even have to ask where it is from since the company is displayed right on it.

Even if your business is not a clothing company, promotional apparel is still a great advertising tool. Free t-shirts are probably the most well-rounded clothing giveaway. People love free t-shirts and can never have enough of them. They tend to wear free t-shirts to places like the gym and the beach. Think about how many people will see the person wearing your t-shirt. The gym is a great place for your promotional clothing to be worn. There are plenty of cross-promotion items that will go great with your corporate apparel as well. Try advertising your business on items such as bags, golf balls, sports bottles, and umbrellas.

Promotional clothing is an excellent, creative way to advertise your business. There are tons of options to choose from when creating your promotional clothing. You can use t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, fleece, rain gear, or hats just to name a few items. Then you can choose screen-printing, custom graphics, or embroidery to display your company logo too. Whatever you feel is best for your business, the promotional clothing industry will be able to accommodate all your needs and help you begin a great advertising endeavor. Your imagination is the boundary of what you can achieve!

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Bringing Customers Back With Promotional Products

With competition becoming fierce and the customers becoming choosy about the money they spend, different marketing strategies have to be used to bring customers to your office/hub/website/store etc. One such marketing strategy that has caught the fancy of marketing gurus all over is distribution of promotional items and gifts.

In this era when technology is at its peak, the possibilities to use such promotional products are never ending. Hi-tech items such as USB Pens, MP3-MP4 Players, thumb drives, etc., are some of the most liked promotional products today. These promotional items carry the company’s name and logo and when given to people, they instantly recall the company whose services they have once used.

Thus, these gifts help in strengthening the bond between the company and the customer and bring the customer back to the company. After all, everyone likes gifts. And if the gift comes from a company whose products and services have been tried and tested before, it becomes even better. It improves the overall opinion about the company in the mind of the customer and also pulls the customer to know more about the company’s latest products and services.

The cost of the whole exercise of distributing promotional items to potential and lost customers is not very high. A company can arrange contests in order to bring customers back to them. They can take their valuable feedback by asking them to write about the company’s best products, suggestions for improvement, what they like to see the company offer, etc. Customers can later be rewarded for giving their valuable time and inputs with promotional products.

Such strategies work well for the company and its customers alike. While it helps the company to know how to improve its products and services and what the customers feel about it products, it also delights the customer and pulls her back to the company. What more, the customer always remembers the company whenever using the gift and returns to know more about it. A delighted customer refers the company to friends and colleagues which further helps boosting the sales of the company.

Investing in promotional apparel, MP3 players, flash drives, etc., will be well worth when you will compare the benefits you shall receive by making the customer visit your company time and again and also by the mouth-to-mouth publicity the customer will do for you. Studies have shown that such promotional exercises also improves direct mail response rates from the customers, trade show traffic, advertising campaigns and generates customer referrals and helps building customer goodwill.

There are several companies that provide wide variety of such promotional products at a reasonable price. Services of such companies can be used when you decide to take the exercise of distributing gifts to the customers.

Reap The Benefits Of Using Promotional Apparel For Your Business

Promoting your business without sufficient budget can give you lots of headaches especially if you are aiming to catch the attention of your target market. Spending on the traditional mediums of advertising can be a costly venture for a company that has limited budget for promoting their business. One of the most popular items you can consider for building up a brand is promotional apparel.

The versatility in the choice of products is one of the primary reasons why the use of apparel as an advertising material is very popular. Unlike newspaper advertisements or billboards, they require minimal investment on your part. According to a recent study conducted by ASI Central, apparel is the second most preferred promotional item by customers. Although the money you shell out is very minimal, it can deliver optimum results for your organization.

Logo apparel can be customized to suit your advertising needs. With the proliferation of suppliers offering promotional products, finding the most appropriate for your business can be easy. You have the option to add your company name or logo on the apparel or include a slogan or phrase to help convey your message to potential customers. Most suppliers likewise offer on-time delivery of the product you ordered. Ordering the product in bulk can save you tons of money and frees you from having to allocate money from time to time.

Apparel products are the perfect corporate giveaways. If your company is fond of attending tradeshows or organizing corporate events, don’t forget to give out something to the participants so you can boost your exposure in the industry. If you are looking for continuous promotions, capitalizing on custom jackets will give you maximum exposure by extending your customer reach. Every time the customer is wearing a t-shirt or cap, your business is getting promoted.

Considering promotional apparel in advertising your business is a good investment because of the huge returns associated with it. Aside from that, spending your money on promotional products is a huge step in seeing major improvements in your organization. Bear in mind that apparel is not limited to t-shirts because they can also include caps, hats, jackets, among others.

Custom apparel is part of the so-called “mobile advertisement” so they can take your business to greater heights. This way, you can relieve yourself from the hassles associated with using the traditional forms of advertising. Integrating the use of wearable items such as apparel is the best deal you can make for your business. Despite the minimal investment, you can receive huge profits sooner than you expect.